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Women Initiatives


We support Small Scale Business and Income Generating Ventures with the view to Helping  families especially women generating income that will help them become self-reliant

It is well known that women especially, have ended up in poverty due to low literacy levels, lack of employment, widowhood, teenage pregnancy and single parenthood.
We are working with the women to create social and economic opportunities by motivating and inspiring them to discover and improve their talents. They have come together in a group and started a project of Gara tie and dying, whereby they use their talents to create beautiful designs on white materials, which end up very colorful and attractive. The women are also involved in small-scale agricultural activities. We intend to expand irrigation capacity in order to increase production and income. Our priorities remain: creating awareness, facilitating, and providing access towards achieving of women rights.


We support Small Scale Business and Income Generating Ventures with the view to Helping  families especially women with income generating venture that will help them become self-reliant


Small Scale agriculture and back yard gardening and another key area we are presently engaged with single mother in the community


The realization of our other key activities are dependent and interconnect with health and sanitation in the community and the people.


Testimonies from the people we are impacting?

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Adama Kabia

This gara Dying project has open  new opportunities for me the earn income and support my five children.

Kadiatu Sesay

I am happy because now i can go back to school because my parents are now able to support my school financial needs...

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